Ch. 001-Inhuman

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How would you spend your fleeting life if you knew since you were three years old that the year you turned eighteen, you will die?

Bai Fu Ling states, “I am going enjoy all the riches of the world and keep all the attractive men and women close to me. To live my utmost arrogantly.

…… ◇…… ◇…… ◇……

“How is this a life of a human!
This is clearly a deity‘s life 
Bai Fu Ling breathed in the smell of the fresh water lotus and sighed with satisfaction.
Under the heat of the summer sun, while others were left under the sun to bake until their skin starts to peel off, she was lying by herself on a small boat admiring the lake while bathing in the shade.
Above her head was many green lotus leaf that layered upon each other, blocking the blazing sun as the small boat rocked with the waves along the lake. In the distance there are girls seen gathering water chestnut and in the lake, lotuses filled with aromatic fragrance floats around.
Lying under her body is agarwood board, under her neck is a violet colored silk pillow stuffed with goose feather, and next to her was a jade incense burner emitting wisps of smoke around her.
The spices in the furnace is specially prepared for her by the renowned physician Xin Yi. The mild smell of Magnolia is used to repel insects and is a thousand time stronger than the ordinary ones, but of course also a thousand times more expensive.
Just these few items on the boat was enough to feed an ordinary family of five for a lifetime.
Bai Fu Ling stretched lazily, while at the same time picked a flower still in bloom. Its white petals was tinted with a hint of pink and had a yellow-green center. The gorgeous flower would cause anyone to feel attracted.
Just as Bai Fu Ling was in an extremely good mood, her ears heard the sound of discordant nagging: Miss, you’re dressed like this again. If someone sees you like this it won’t do you any good. ”
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In the surrounding, not far from the boat Bai Fu Ling was on, emerged another small boat. Two beautiful young woman, one is wearing a long pale blue dress around the blue gown, a grayish purple Bunting was a neat look.
Talk ru skirt young lady, her brows look wearing only thin flexible unlined silk robe white Tuckahoe, a face of beg, thin clothes to put on with nothing on what‘s the difference? This way letthe men go, what honor innocent all over!
White Tuckahoe turned a small rolled her eyes refused response on this issue again, the weather is hot, and she wore a little thin but in his own zone, nor did he reveal what not to wash theplace, what can I say she seems blatantly naked in the street?
Ru skirt young lady Miss won’t listen to good advice, and mouth a want to persuade, purplerobed woman with boat tired, cold track: who saw his eyes to dig down, Bayberry you off my back?
White Tuckahoe turned away haha laughed: White Peony root, you should not kill ** hands for so many years, still thinking about the killing of so many things. You are so fierce, messirenot be bullied by you to death in your family? Hey You give me something to eat?
Bayberry was visibly bloody words jump glucosides, afraid to say anything. She gets along with radix paeoniae Alba time not a long time, but she knows certainly not live harmoniouslyglucosides of ordinary women, she saw White Peony root reaching eight feet in a man pulled over on the ground, a full ten Vixen!
Lady was right! Radix paeoniae Alba man, really really poor Like his reverse then good luck, married Lady for her such a talented and gentle and virtuous.
Paeony left without raising food containers on the ship, you fell upon white Poria cocos on the boat, boat just a sink, not even from side to side, this hand work is rarely seen.
Sweet-scented osmanthus jujube soup, iced melon you just sent into the city in the morning. White Peony root open boxes, revealing a fine white porcelain bowl, Bowl floating in theCrimson broth with crushed ice and little yellow osmanthus flowers, fishes and braved the chill of Judah.
There on the boat, Yangmei jade white out of the ice bucket a melon, dried melon beads of water on ice and put it on a ebony pieces into hands of Paeony.
White Tuckahoe gratefully drank fluid thirst-quenching drinks, called MYRICA Rubra, Radix paeoniae Alba: I alone can not finish the melon, you will accompany me to eat.
Wait on Miss eat drink, White Peony root and Red Bayberry melon dishes ready looking eyeful of Red Bayberry leaves powder load, suddenly sighed: Unfortunately, I was late, as early as afew months, you will see the beauty of the Peach Blossom Valley, East of flowers.
On the Bai Jia Zhuang bei guan Li mountain, South of the city, covers an area of enormous, from Bai Jiaqian here ten years ago, raised a great number of craftsmen, according to the soilenvironment a few range blocks, plant different kinds of plants, large flowers in full bloom can be seen every season. Is this charged Ling Lake, and East of the Peach Blossom Valley, snowin the North Slope, JuFang ping, West of maple trees, and so on, weekday conservation alone to take care of these plants and trees, there are hundreds of people, sometimes temporarilyhired people to help.
Such a large project and daily expenses, just because white Tuckahoe sentence like, it‘s no wonder she hog reputation will be as loud.
Well, I distinctly remember you love plum. White Tuckahoe Bayberry this the origin of the name, laughing together.
Bayberry originally no official of name, on pursuant to home of ranking called Yang Erniang, bondage to white home became white Tuckahoe near body served of girl Hou, to displayed loyalty, also some to please Miss of meaning, specially please white Tuckahoe gave name, because she like Plum, white Tuckahoe on to she up masterpieces Bayberry, also is not kind to said: “sour of are for you. ”
Fruit of the Bayberry against this is not elegant, black and intestines are regret countless times, but still she begs to let white Tuckahoe called, had to swallow the knocked out teeth andblood and gave in.
Arbutus names in a blink with her for several years, she gradually accustomed until she married ransom, nor change my name back.
Yes, but clubs such as open, less said to wait for the first half of it. Mei Xuxun whiteness of snow, the snow was lost for some sweet Can’t wait for the winter. Bai Jia Zhuang bei Bian Xuemei Po reminiscent of Red Bayberry in Merlin‘s beautiful, leisurely immediately charmed Muse Daihatsu, and pedantic.
But I think peach, sour plums and much tastier than it was. White Tuckahoe eyes lit up just thinking about sweet juicy peaches, dog determines the peach plum delightful.
LotusI don’t like the taste, but what a delicious Lotus! Leaves can also be used to cook than what Yao Huang, Wei Zi, MO ju, ten cubits bead curtains and the like have more useful! WhiteTuckahoe made valuable in the eyes of the world famous varieties of peonies, chrysanthemums to thoroughly despised all over again.

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