A Short Intro


I’m a novice translator wannabe that is addicted to C-novels. Right now I’m still looking for a project, so if anyone has any recommendation please comment below although I don’t think anyone would even find this blog, much less comment. Although I can hold conversations in Mandarin, I generally have a elementary school level in reading Mandarin. The only background I have is due to my mom forcing me to go to Saturday school since I was a child. That is why I’m most likely going to only translate novels with audio-books already available or with Google translate by reading the pin yin. Ans just to warn you guys, I’m not consistent and super lazy so don’t be surprised if I suddenly drop everything.


Thank you for reading such a lengthy description. I will most likely get going on translating during winter break, since these weeks are my schools finals week. TTOTT

And lastly I would just like to thank all those translators out there for inspiring me to take up such a task.


13 thoughts on “A Short Intro

    1. That exactly what I’m doing! (hehe great minds think alike… or maybe lazy?)

      Still takes me such a long time since I’m not familiar with almost half of the words.
      But thank you so much for the encouragement! I love the novel you’re currently writing!

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  1. Hi! I’m glad you decided to take up a translation project. Of course, it would not take long before c-novel addicts will find out about your blog. I’ve put you in my blog roll and shall share to my readers your blog, so good luck to you and to your project!!! Whatever book is fine. 🙂

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