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A Short Intro


I’m a novice translator wannabe that is addicted to C-novels. Right now I’m still looking for a project, so if anyone has any recommendation please comment below although I don’t think anyone would even find this blog, much less comment. Although I can hold conversations in Mandarin, I generally have a elementary school level in reading Mandarin. The only background I have is due to my mom forcing me to go to Saturday school since I was a child. That is why I’m most likely going to only translate novels with audio-books already available or with Google translate by reading the pin yin. Ans just to warn you guys, I’m not consistent and super lazy so don’t be surprised if I suddenly drop everything.


Thank you for reading such a lengthy description. I will most likely get going on translating during winter break, since these weeks are my schools finals week. TTOTT

And lastly I would just like to thank all those translators out there for inspiring me to take up such a task.